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How It Works

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You can now select a convenient date and time. Confirm your appointment by making payment.

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Discuss your symptoms with a doctor in the comfort of your preferred location and get feedback in real time; just like a physical visit.

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Find answers to your health concerns and know the next steps to take towards improving your health immediately.

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Need health advice but have too much on your plate? Our medical team is here to provide you with expert assessment.

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How We Can Help You

Get Consultation Notes

You can now return to the important details of your conversation with the doctor whenever you want. This will allow you to keep track of your progress.

Effective Medication

Get prescriptions you can rely on from our licensed doctors, who will make sure you’re on the right medication to quickly restore your health.

Expert Guidance

Rest assured that you are consulting with licensed and brilliant physicians with many years of experience.


Your consultation is private and confidential. We use secure communication channels to ensure the privacy and safety of your medical information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your doctors verified?

We work with licensed doctors with verifiable years of practice under their belts. You can rest assured of their expertise.

How long is the consultation?

About 15 – 30 minutes

What happens if I miss my appointment?

You will have one more option to reschedule for another date. After 2 missed consultations the booking is deactivated and you will have to book/pay for another consultation

Will I get a recording of my session with the doctor?

A recording is possible and based on request.

Is my medical information safe with the doctors?

Yes. Your medical information is safe. Privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed.